Qlik Data Platform

Qlik Data Platform


Qlik Sense is a leading cloud analytics platform that empowers people of all skill levels to act on data-driven decisions. RefineM provides consulting services on Qlik Sense, a Data Analytics Platform based on proprietary Associative Analytics Engine for a wide range of users and use cases, including visualization and dashboards, custom and embedded analytics, natural language analytics, mobile analytics, reporting, and alerting.

Key Capabilities

Self-Service Visualization

No matter how big or small your data is, you can seamlessly integrate, load, visualize & discover it.

Interactive Dashboards

Generate, share, and deliver top notch potent dashboards to assist your customers with it.


Simply sign up for scheduled PDF deliveries of Qlik Sense sheets and personal analytics for you & others.

Auto ML

Using the latest algorithms, Qlik AutoML creates machine learning models in your historical data.


Qlik Sense is designed with mobility in mind indicated by its adaptable design and built-in touch functionality to make life easier for all.

Custom & Embedded

Qlik Sense is a comprehensive data analytics platform as it assists you in handling, even the most challenging analytics tasks.

Advanced Analytics

Users can actively analyze calculations and forecasts using both, engine and real-time machine learning model integration.

QDI (Qlik Data Integration)

Qlik Data Integration enables you to provide, integrate, and synchronize business data in real-time for analytics using ML.

Perks of using Qlik Data Platform:

Active BI Platform

Organizations demand a constant interaction with data that represents their present situation. Qlik offers dynamic intelligence that provides real-time insights by integrating data pipeline with action-oriented analytics.

Hybrid Cloud Platform

Qlik Cloud, a cloud platform for business & beyond that supports organizations of all sizes with unparalleled agility & performance. It offers hybrid solution in the form of Qlik Forts.

Driving Data Literacy

Qlik Sense uses Artificial intelligence to assist business users in deeper understanding & utilization of data by reducing cognitive bias, enhancing discovery & enhancing data literacy, all with the help of Insight Advisor.